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The Female Don Draper

I knew that I wanted to create a new blog that I could condense all my posts in (I couldn’t figure out how to actually transfer them, so they literally just got reposted…) and have just one place to write about all my interests; fashion, television… informing people on how to not piss off their bartenders (my favorite topic). As I thought about what I wanted the picture for it to look like, I knew I wanted to incorporate my typewriter first and foremost. Then I added my vintage cigarette holder, and before I knew it, I had my inspiration; a female Don Draper.

Draper is one of my all time favorite television characters. I don’t know if it’s his shocking good looks, his mysterious demenour, or the fact that I love the 60’s and copywriting, but whatever the reasons, I find myself more obsessed with this era and this character with each season.

So when I came upon the female Don Draper concept, I knew there had to be the typewriter, the cigarette and a glass of scotch. Dating a photographer lends tremendously to indulging my photo shoot brainstorms, and one normal Monday evening, Dan and I transformed the living room into a our studio and began shooting. While I am always amazed by Dan’s work, there’s something extremely satisfying about coming up with an idea in your head and then seeing it realized perfectly. I got my new blog picture as seen on the actual blog, as well as some shots just for fun. Disclaimer: totally not a model, so don’t expect too much. Everything I’ve learned, I learned from watching all 45 seasons of Top Model. Thanks Tyra! And thanks Dan for being my personal photographer!




Photos by Dan Poss Photography

Fall Boots On A Budget

There is no better time to buy a great pair of boots than the fall. Toward the end of every August, I start flipping through magazines, researching websites, and peering through shop windows for the perfect boot. In the past, I’ve always alloted a large budget for this one wardrobe necessity. This year I came across too many to choose from and so many good deals, I didn’t have to choose just one!

I’ve never seen so many cute boot options out at one time that are actually comfortable. All three of these boots are cute and don’t come with walking restrictions and day after chiropractic appointments.

Black Ankle Booties: Madden Girl

When ankle boots first came out a few years ago, I was not a fan. Then I put a pair of ankle cowboy boots on with shorts and I couldn’t believe how long they made my legs look. I highly recommend this style when trying to look taller…and what girl isn’t? I found these at Ross for 25 bucks.

Black Victorian Booties: Bamboo

I love love love these boots! If you are a true Ross shopper, you have to willing to search a bit. I first came across this boot in size 6 in the right shoe. I then went on to find 7 more, right footed boots. I was so sad, but after scouring the racks and racks of shoes, I gave up. 20 minutes later, a nice gentleman that worked there, tracked me down and offered my a size 7 in the left foot. Though I’m a true 7.5, I couldn’t turn down his good deed or these adorable boots. 18 bucks! Worth the search.

Brown Lace Up Combat Boot: Diba

I REALLY, really wanted a pair of military boots, but I’m predicting they are a one year fad, so I didn’t want to invest a lot of money on them. After a couple months of searching, I came across these for 50 bucks at DSW. I love mixing the tough military look with a girly dress or a pair of dressy shorts. They kind of remind me of the junior high days of Doc Martin boots, but I still think they’re a fun alternative to the typical dressy boot you usually wear in the fall.

Black lace up open toe boot heels: Nine West

I was so excited to find these Nine West heels for 25 bucks at Ross. The thicker heel makes these more comfortable than a normal high heel, and the lace style is sexy and Victorian all at the same time. They’re half boots, half heels. Love them!

Gray ankle booties: Madden Girl

Another exciting boot find at Ross. These gray booties were 23 bucks, and are so comfortable and cute. The three little buttons down the side are an adorable detail, and gray is a great boot color alternative to black.

Peep Toe Oxfords: BCBG

I’m not gong to lie, when I saw these at Ross I almost screamed out lout in excitement. BCBG lace up Oxford heels for 40 bucks! If that isn’t a killer find, I don’t know what is. I am obsessed with Oxfords right now, and these are a great, more dressy pair. The heel is quite high, so I recommend not wearing them if you are going to be walking on cobblestone, up or down a lot of stairs, or standing for extended periods of time….basically, if you plan to sit.

Yes, I know, this blog incriminates me on the grounds of buying 6 pairs of boots in a little over a month, but the total for all 6 is still less than what I paid for my fall 2008 boot, so I don’t feel too bad. Plus, it’s all for the sake of the blog; I’ll expense them…Can I actually do that?

Originally posted October 8, 2010

I love Accessories!

It’s no secret accessories make a wardrobe. A great necklace, a bold ring, and my favorite, a signature pair of sunglasses, can transform an ordinary outfit. Accessorizing is all about balance; knowing when to wear pearls or when to wear diamonds, when to wear silver or when to wear gold, and when to go sweet or when to go spicy. Here are a few of my favorite accessories right now.

I know it’s summer, but black is always in.

Match a bold ring with a bold necklace.


Ray Ban “Wayfarers” transcend gender, era, and seasons. They are ALWAYS in style.

San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf

I found this ring for $5.00 at a vendor at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. Flea markets and street vendors are great places to find one of a kind jewelry.

Forever 21

There’s no better place to find inexpensive, but fun necklaces than at Forever 21. This one was $6 and I wear it ALL the time.

Gift from grandma

My grandma has been buying me things I don’t like for years now. Suddenly in her really old age, she’s managed to get a hit here and there. This flower hair clip was one of them. I’m sure she got it at Kmart or JCPenny’s, but It’s cute nonetheless.

Originally posted June 24, 2010

Things I Refuse To Let Go Out Of Style

1.) Stretch Pants: They came into my life in 3rd grade and didn’t return until I was 23, I’m not letting them go again.

2.) Flannel: Maybe it’s just the Seattle in me, but my love for flannel will never die.

3.) Stripes: I don’t care if “nautical” is in, stripes are always stylish.

4.) Rainbow Flip Flops: California style is California style, and Rainbows will always be a staple.

5.) Scarves: Anything that helps keep me warm is here to stay.

6.) Tights: Too comfy to ever go back to tight, pinchy nylons.

7.) Wedges: Gives me height without blisters…need I say more?

8.) Moccasin Slippers: Slippers that don’t look like your granny’s…

9.) Vests: I really, really love a good vest. I’ll fight to keep them around as long as possible.

And most importantly:

10.) Ray Ban’s Wayfarers: If they’re good enough for Audrey Hepburn and Andy Warhol, they’ll always be good enough for me.

Originally posted My 22, 2010