Waffle Bar and Mimosas Brunch

If you know me, you know that I love to plan a party. My dad once said that he believes that I enjoy planning the party more than I enjoy attending the party, and the truth is…it’s true. For me, coming up with the theme, going from store to store finding the all the pieces, putting it all together the day of…that’s what I love. So when my friend Skye’s 30 something birthday came around, I thought it was a great opportunity to plan my next party.

Skye and I bartend together, and after all the customers are gone and the bar is clean, we usually sit around and count our money and moan at how hungry we are. One night, I brought my Christmas present from my sister-in-law, a good quality waffle maker, to the bar and we made strawberry waffles at around 3:30 in the morning. Skye is a vegetarian, so waffles and mac and cheese are really the only things we both eat, so when I was planning the menu, I thought it would be fun, and substantially easier, to do a waffle bar rather than try to prepare an all vegetarian meal.

Whether it’s for upcoming Mother’s Day, a friend’s birthday, or just an excuse to have friends over, brunch with a waffle bar and mimosas is a great option and below, I will give you all the resources you need to do it!

You must get a good quality waffle maker. When Kaylee gave me mine for Christmas a couple years ago, I thought it was a bit random. But then, I started using it, and now it goes down as one of the greatest gifts I’ve received from her. Mine is a Warring Rotating Belgium Waffle maker, and below is a link to the cheapest one I could find online for $55. I bought  my mom one last year from Costco and I think it was around $60. It’s totally worth it.


Because it was May 1st, I decided to go with spring colors: bright pink, yellow and orange. After an hour or so of looking on Marthastewart.com, I came across this banner, and knew I had to try it. The truth is, every time I try to do something from Martha, it ends up looking nothing like it, so beware, yours might not look like hers, but that’s ok. Below is the final product after lots of cutting, gluing, and taping. I was pleased.


After I decided on the colors and made the banner, I started on the table. I knew I wanted to do a variety of options for the waffles and after some Google searching I came across some great options. Labels are always a fun touch, so I found some that I could print on another blog: http://creaturecomforts.typepad.com/my_weblog/2008/04/free-printable.html


One of my favorite parts of shopping for parties is picking the dishes. I’m very particular about my themes being perfectly cohesive, so I went with all glass serving dishes, but in different shapes and sizes, and white plates and serving platters. The best places to pick up glassware for cheap are local thrift stores. I already had a few of these bowls, but the majority of the different size dishes I got at The Goodwill for less than $1.00 each.

I spent a lot of time trying to come up with a good mix of toppings. Apparently you can put anything on a waffle, so choose which you enjoy and leave out the ones that won’t go over as well. My final menu of toppings was chocolate, Nutella, peanut butter, bacon, powdered sugar, strawberries, bananas, whipped cream, cheese, syrup, and sprinkles. I highly recommend hand whipped whipped cream and not the kind out of the spray bottle and sprinkles are a must because they make everything look pretty.

The next table to design was the beverage table. Staying consistent with the glassware theme, I put out different size, large wine glasses and glass pictures with labels. I did mimosas and offered three flavors: traditional orange, mango, and pink lemonade. The mango and pink lemonade were very well received. If you don’t want to offer mimosas, you can just put out a variety of juices.

Once set up was complete and guest started to arrive, I provided everyone with beverages and then started on the waffles. I had around 10 guests, and to save time, I borrowed my mom’s waffle maker and doubled up. The good thing about these waffle makers is that they provide four distinct sections. I recommend while making them, to break them up into 4’s so guests can begin making their designs and not have to wait for one large waffle.

We got really lucky to have one of the nicest days of the year, so we enjoyed the waffles and mimosas on the patio. We had croquet set up as well, but only myself and C.B. played and I won by a landslide. Everyone had very delicious looking waffles and Skye enjoyed her presents of purses, dresses, and popcorn.

All and all, this was one of my favorite themes I’ve done to date…and not just because I love waffles so much. We finished up the party with a crazy photobooth with props pulled from my closet room. If you want to have a fun party, include a photobooth. There’s nothing more amusing than people dressing up and posing. There were over 700 pictures taken, but I’ve included a few of my favorites for fun. Enjoy!

One response to “Waffle Bar and Mimosas Brunch

  1. Karen Jensen

    OMG!!! You are so like Great Grandma Grace with the real whipped cream. She was such a whipped cream snob and didn’t make any apologies. If we were in a resturaunt or at a buffet and the whipped cream wasn’t real she let everyone in the joint know about it. A few times I wanted to crawl under the table because her voice got louder and louder and louder making sure everyone heard her public service announcement. If a person can look down from heaven I hope GG can read your blog! She’d say, “She’s my girl…she takes after me you know!!!”

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