The Female Don Draper

I knew that I wanted to create a new blog that I could condense all my posts in (I couldn’t figure out how to actually transfer them, so they literally just got reposted…) and have just one place to write about all my interests; fashion, television… informing people on how to not piss off their bartenders (my favorite topic). As I thought about what I wanted the picture for it to look like, I knew I wanted to incorporate my typewriter first and foremost. Then I added my vintage cigarette holder, and before I knew it, I had my inspiration; a female Don Draper.

Draper is one of my all time favorite television characters. I don’t know if it’s his shocking good looks, his mysterious demenour, or the fact that I love the 60’s and copywriting, but whatever the reasons, I find myself more obsessed with this era and this character with each season.

So when I came upon the female Don Draper concept, I knew there had to be the typewriter, the cigarette and a glass of scotch. Dating a photographer lends tremendously to indulging my photo shoot brainstorms, and one normal Monday evening, Dan and I transformed the living room into a our studio and began shooting. While I am always amazed by Dan’s work, there’s something extremely satisfying about coming up with an idea in your head and then seeing it realized perfectly. I got my new blog picture as seen on the actual blog, as well as some shots just for fun. Disclaimer: totally not a model, so don’t expect too much. Everything I’ve learned, I learned from watching all 45 seasons of Top Model. Thanks Tyra! And thanks Dan for being my personal photographer!




Photos by Dan Poss Photography

One response to “The Female Don Draper

  1. Your photos are absolutely stunning and I love the premise of your blog. Oh, how I would have loved to live in the Mad Men world, if only for a moment.

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