What The Kelly

Ahhh, the Real Housewives. Though I am a bit ashamed at how entertained I am by this show, I simply have to admit that I look forward to Thursday night at 10:00 all week. And though I watch all the cities, this season of New York is by far the best.

When Kelly appeared out of nowhere last season, I immediately did not like her (much like everyone else on the show). I watched in total disbelief at the stupid things that came out of her mouth, and felt horrible for Bethenny as she was the brunt of Kelly’s craziness. I wondered all season if anyone, other than Bethenny, was aware of Kelly’s insanity, and then was relieved at the reunion show, when it appeared that they were. So I was a little surprised this season, when all the housewives seemed to put that in the past and befriend her all over again. But it appears it all blew up in their faces, and we saw it last night!

She’s totally nuts. Really truly nuts. I have yet to hear a whole sentence come out of her mouth that makes sense, and if she messes up one more saying, I’m going to send in a letter to Columbia asking them to revoke her degree, as it is really hurting their reputation (making lemonade out of lemons is taking a bad thing and making it good. Making of mountain out of a molehill is taking something small and making it a big deal…Pretty elementary idioms.). Though it makes for good TV (based on the amount of people that have blogged about the episode!), she still makes me want to punch her in the face. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t watch and re-watch her go bananas on all the ladies, because I definitely did. The best part was how they were all talking about her like she wasn’t there….any she didn’t even realize it. Actually, my absolute favorite part was when Bethenny told Kelly that Sonia thinks she’s crazy, and at the same time, Sonia says, “I do,” and Kelly says, “No she doesn’t.” I howled.

But entertainment aside, what is the deal? Is this woman really this nuts? Is she really so delusional that she has no idea what a lunatic she looks like? Could she really believe that anything she says makes any sense? I’m baffled by this whole situation. I do have to say though, I was thrilled for Bethenny, that everyone finally “was watching the same channel” as she’s been since the beginning. I feel your vindication Bethenny! And no, I also do not think you are trying to kill her…

Originally posted May 24, 2010

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