The Tip That Keeps On Tipping

I’ve been a bartender for a long time. For a long time, I’ve lived off those 10%, 20%, and the occasional 30%, tips that you patrons so generously, and sometimes, not so generously, leave me. But today, I have decided to give back; i’ve decided to give you a all some tips of your own…

When you are a bartender, you always have your favorite types of customers: the rich old men that leave you big tips, the liquor rep that leaves you samples, the entertaining homeless man that brings you “treasures” from the streets…we all have our favorites. But all and all, I think I can go so far to say, that the majority of bartender prefer serving other bartenders. Why is this? Because they get it. They understand how it works. They stand in our shoes and know how to act accordingly. I truly believe every person should have to work at a restaurant at one time or another, so they really understand how it all goes down.

But since I will probably not be able to get people like my grandpa to serve a night at Anthony’s so he knows leaving a 5% tips and some change, is not OK, I will write on this subject for all of you. I hope you all learn something that will help you have better dining experiences, more patience, and less spit in your food…

Originally posted May 24, 2010

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