The Boring Housewives of New Jersey

I don’t know if it’s because we’re coming off the most dramatic Housewives season ever with the New York ladies, but so far, the New Jersey season has been nothing but boring. While babies are cute and cuddly, it turns out they are not as entertaining as nervous breakdowns, and bar brawls. New Jersey hasn’t been my favorite of the bunch, but they have always been good for one thing: drama.

So far, the season seems to be more about the housewife’s kids than anything else. Danielle’s daughter is modeling, Jacqueline’s daughter is still annoying (her new baby boy has adorable cheeks though), Caroline’s son is opening a strip car wash (if that isn’t a mafia move I don’t know what is…), Teresa just whined out her fourth girl, and I’m not really sure what happened to Dina’s daughter…Didn’t she have one? While kids are nice, this isn’t The Real Spoiled Brats of New Jersey.

But there appears to be hope…at least in one episode. Since Bravo started promoting this season, they have rolled the same clip of some huge dramatic scene involving Danielle  (of course) and the other ladies, and apparently the police and some crazy ex felon. While this promo helped perk my interest in the season, if this scene doesn’t air soon, and deliver, I might use my 10:00, Monday night DVR slot for something else.

Originally posted May 26, 2011

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