I love Accessories!

It’s no secret accessories make a wardrobe. A great necklace, a bold ring, and my favorite, a signature pair of sunglasses, can transform an ordinary outfit. Accessorizing is all about balance; knowing when to wear pearls or when to wear diamonds, when to wear silver or when to wear gold, and when to go sweet or when to go spicy. Here are a few of my favorite accessories right now.

I know it’s summer, but black is always in.

Match a bold ring with a bold necklace.


Ray Ban “Wayfarers” transcend gender, era, and seasons. They are ALWAYS in style.

San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf

I found this ring for $5.00 at a vendor at Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. Flea markets and street vendors are great places to find one of a kind jewelry.

Forever 21

There’s no better place to find inexpensive, but fun necklaces than at Forever 21. This one was $6 and I wear it ALL the time.

Gift from grandma

My grandma has been buying me things I don’t like for years now. Suddenly in her really old age, she’s managed to get a hit here and there. This flower hair clip was one of them. I’m sure she got it at Kmart or JCPenny’s, but It’s cute nonetheless.

Originally posted June 24, 2010

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