Dedicated To My Grandpa Oscar: Washington Drivers Suck

Most of the time, when we see drivers on the road going substantially under the speed limit or pulling out in front of us, it turns out to be an old person. In their oversized cars, and handicapped plates, old people tend to fit our stereotypical slot of “slow drivers.” But not my grandpa. Grandpa Oscar was a passionate man in all areas of his life, so naturally this spilled over into his driving. Grandpa flew down the freeways, yelling at people to move out of the way, and honking at anyone he felt deserved it. I remember standing between the two front seats of his van, as he sped to our destinations, feeling the rush of almost hitting 90 (better to admit this my parents now that he’s passed and not before…).

Today, I find myself replicating many of his habits. Rarely do I maintain the alloted speeds limits. Often I yell at people for going to slow. And not a day goes by that my horn goes un-honked. Grandpa taught me many things in life, but one that has really stuck with me, is that most drivers suck; specifically Washington drivers. As a result, I find it only fitting to write about Washington residents inabilities and shortcomings in this area. Being that this seed was sowed by my late Grandpa, I again found it fitting to dedicate this blog to him.

So this blog, and all its future postings go out to Grandpa Oscar, and the greatest saying he ever said when we asked him if he should be going so fast: “If everyone went the speed limit, it would be a parking lot from here to Portland!” I love you Grandpa!

Originally posted May 24, 2010

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