A Word About Pro Athletes

I’ve had the displeasure of serving many pro athletes over the years. Because I prefer to work at high end places, these establishments always tend to attract the “famous” people in Seattle. I use famous in quotes because it’s sort of an oxymoron. Because Seattle doesn’t have real famous people, its pro athletes are the closest thing to it.

In my experience over the years, and as recently as last night, pro athletes are the biggest pains in the ass. They are entitled and demanding, and while they often “roll” with large wads of cash in their pockets, they rarely use that cash for anything other than buying drink (i.e. they don’t tip well).

The way I look at it, if you are going to demand special treatment, and be a dick-wad the whole night, the least you can do is back it up with sizable tip. If baffles me that these men who sign multi-million dollar contracts are so stingy. I’ve had homeless people tip better than some of them…seriously.

While I’m sure they think they are super important because they can catch a ball, or throw a ball, or throw a ball into a circle, or wrestle other men to the ground, I am not impressed.

On a side note though, Sean Kemp was quite pleasant. He ordered shots of Patron for everyone around him (I’m not factoring in his motives….), and gave me high-fives every time I served him. I don’t care if they call him the “Bobby Brown” of basketball, he’s so far my favorite Pro Customer. High Five.

Originally posted May 28, 2010


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