A Birthday Tribute To My Mom

Today is my mom’s birthday. It’s also 10.10.10., which is pretty cool, but more importantly, it’s her birthday. I thought as a tribute, and instead of a cheesy card, I would write a blog about how amazing she is, all the amazing things she has taught me, and all the things I appreciate about her. I’m already crying…not good.

The older I get, the more people I come in contact with who have been severely messed up by their mothers. It truly is amazing how influential your mom is on who you are as an adult and how well…or not well… you function in society. I see these girls who grow up resenting their moms, and the funny thing is, they are JUST like them. I can’t help but wonder if they even realize this?

Don’t get me wrong; I know I am just like my mom too (I know many of you were probably reading that laughing, thinking I’m one of those people). I just happen to be happy and honored to be compared to her. I have been so incredibly blessed to have a mom who has been such a good example of what a very healthy, stable woman, wife, and mother should look like. These days, it doesn’t seem like there are many good examples left. My mom has not only been the most loving and supportive person in my life, she has also taught me more invaluable information than I could ever share in one blog, but I will highlight the things I am so grateful for, and that have molded me into the person I am today.

If you knew me as a child, you have probably used the words difficult, high energy, even wild, to describe me. I know that I was not the easiest child. I refused to wear socks because of the little line that went across the toes that creates a little bump at the end, so my mom would cut off the little bump, and then I wouldn’t wear them because they then had a hole in them. I refused to let my mom style my hair or wear frilly dresses without a $20.00 payout (I was the richest 3rd grader). And probably worse of all, I did not take no for an answer…ever. But somehow, my mom knew how to handle me. Most mothers would have fought and screamed at me, and dug their heels in, creating a very hostile and frustrating environment, but my mom figured out to pick her battles, and let me win most of them. As an adult now, I really believe that if she would have fought me on everything and said no out of principal, I would have built up a lot of resentment and rebellion. Because my parents gave me a lot of room to burn through my energy, I didn’t grow up with either of those common issues. Not too many women could have handled me as a child, and I know most of you women out there who have known me my whole life are nodding your heads right now. I am so appreciative that my mom realized that I was just a very high energy child that needed to make my own decisions, good or bad, and that I was smart enough to learn from them. She let me cut my hair like a boy, even though she knew I’d hate it, she let me wear shorts to school every day even though people probably wondered why I was not wearing pants when it was snowing out, and she let me come and go as I pleased as teenage, because I was a good kid, and I never did anything to break their trust (except hit a couple cars I tried to cover up, not to much avail). If it weren’t for my mom’s wisdom in how to handle a difficult child, I could be a very different person today.

I have never met a more selfless person than my mom. If the rolls were all gone and one of us asked if there were any more, she’d give us hers. She didn’t spend money on new furniture, remodels, or jewelry, she spent it on us and what we wanted. She never complained about this or made us feel bad, and it really wasn’t until I got older that I even realized it. My mom worked full time and still had a home cooked meal on the table every night, had the house clean always, and the laundry folded. I always felt that she put our needs ahead of hers. When you’re little, I don’t know that you really can acknowledge that for what it is, but I always felt extremely safe and loved. As an adult, I now realize it was because of her selflessness. We live in such a selfish culture, and the people today that I know that have this issue, usually come from very selfish parents. I work everyday to fight this attribute, and I am so thankful that I have both a mom and a dad who have exemplified this my whole life.

As I mentioned before, my mom is probably the most loving person I’ve ever met. She never dislikes people, she doesn’t hold grudges, and she truly cares about others. I can’t imagine what it would be like to grow up and not feel loved ALL the time. Even when she would get mad at me when I had done something wrong, afterward, she would always come and ask me for forgiveness for getting upset with me and then would hug me and tell me how much she loved me. I can’t imagine too many children were asked for forgiveness from their parent for getting mad at them for being a pill. She has told me she loves me every day since I was probably born, and that she is proud of me, and that I am beautiful and smart, and that I can do whatever I set my mind to. Because she told me these things constantly, I simply grew up believing it. I would say you could describe me as a confident adult, and was often told was a very confident child. I am this way because my mom made me feel all those things I listed and never tore me down or discouraged me. I see so many girls my age that have identity issues and I am so grateful I don’t because my mom always made me feel loved.

My mom is a wealth of knowledge. She really is the wisest women I know, and if you listen, you can learn a lot from her. One of the greatest pieces of wisdom she passed on to me was to never ask a man for anything until he eats. Whenever I forget this advice it bites me in the butt. Write that down if you need to. She taught me to always trust God, to pray continuously, and how to fight with insurance, credit card, and mortgage companies on the phone. When I need to know how long I can go after the expiration date and still eat something, I call her. When I need to know how to get out a stain, I call her. When I need to talk, complain, or share exciting news, I call her…I call her a lot. I know this blog may sound like I don’t have any problems or issues. This isn’t true. I still have issues, I just can’t blame my mom for them.

Happy birthday to the best mom in the world!

Originally Posted October 10th, 2010


One response to “A Birthday Tribute To My Mom

  1. Impressive! It’s funny what you find when you Google people! You got skills girl!

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